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air compressor supplier malaysia

Established in 1981, Ikhua Hardware & Machinery Sdn Bhd has been a trusted name in Malaysia’s industrial landscape.  Our primary is to supply top-quality hardware and industrial machinery to various industries across Malaysia.  We take pride in offering products and exceptional after-sales service, along with a comprehensive inventory of efficient spare parts aimed at minimizing our customers’ downtime.

In 1995, we took a significant step forward by establishing Ikhua Engineering Sdn Bhd as a subsidiary and emphasizing water pumps and electric power tools.  Over the years, our dedication has earned us the exclusive trust of several manufacturers, allowing us to distribute renowned brands exclusively, including CNP, RHEKEN, LUTIAN and KEN.

Diversifying Excellence At Ikhua Hardware & Machinery

Why Choose Us

Highly Experienced

We have experience in designing, producing, and optimizing industrial air compressor Malaysia over 40 years collectively. We are an industry-recognized leader with experience on solving complex problems, leading to breakthrough innovations that deliver on promise time after time.

In House Team

We take pride in our in-house professional team, a dedicated group of experts who are an integral part of our organization. As an industrial air compressor supplier with diverse skills and a commitment to excellence, we collaboratively drive innovation and deliver quality solutions.

Main Distributor

It goes without saying that we are one of the biggest wholesalers for various high-quality range brands as well, including Swan, among others. We deliver Swan products as a reliable partner and provide customers with superior quality and a plethora of solutions for various requirements.

Industrial Air Compressor Malaysia

Our extensive product portfolio greatly emphasises the compressed air product line.  We have proudly served as Malaysia’s leading SWAN air compressors and air dryers distributor for over three decades.  Beyond product distribution, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including consultancy, design, supply, mechanical & electrical work, energy-saving programs, turnkey projects, commissioning, training, and preventive and redial maintenance. In addition to our commitment to be one of the best industrial air compressor supplier, we have diversified into other major product lines such as food processing machinery, kitchen equipment, agriculture, and industrial fans.  Our journey began humbly on the food processing machinery line, but in 2003, we expanded our horizons and introduced the FRESH brand.  Today, FRESH encompasses over ten product categories, including bakery & noodles equipment, bar & snack equipment, kitchen equipment, refrigerators and more.

swan air compressor distributor malaysia

Expert Subsidiaries

In 2018, recognising the growing demand for food processing machinery and kitchen equipment, we established iFresh Beverage Equipment Sdn Bhd as a subsidiary.  This move allowed us to run this product line more professionally and efficiently, focusing on a team of experts in the field.


In the same year, in response to the significance of agriculture in Malaysia’s economy (contributing over 10% to the national GDP), we introduced agriculture machines and gardening equipment under the HARZ brand.  Today, HARZ boasts an extensive lineup of over 50 models, including brush cutters, earth augers, sprayers, mist dusters, chain saws and more. 

Leading the Way in Industrial Fans

Our industrial air compressor Malaysia fans product line proudly carries the well-known SWAN brand, featuring approximately 30 different models of portable ventilating fans, exhaust fans, and industrial fans, catering to various industrial and commercial needs. At Ikhua Hardware & Machinery Sdn Bhd, we are dedicated to providing top-quality products, services, and solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.  Our unwavering commitment to excellence remains our guiding principle as we grow and diversify. Discover how we can meet your industrial needs today.

swan air compressor distributor malaysia
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