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Industrial manufacturing processes often depend on compressed air as a vital power source for machinery and equipment control. The essential requirement for these applications is the cleanliness and purity of the compressed air. The presence of foreign particles within the compressed air can significantly impact the quality and safety of the final products. This is where Swan air compressor Malaysia come into play. Swan compressor Malaysia are renowned for delivering high-quality compressed air solutions.

By investing in Swan air compressor Malaysia, you not only ensure the purity and cleanliness of your compressed air but also reap the benefits of substantial cost savings and energy efficiency. Swan's air compressor Malaysia is stable and highly energy-efficient air compressors guarantee that your industrial operations run smoothly while minimizing operational expenses. Make the smart choice by entrusting your compressed air needs with our air compressor Malaysia, where quality, safety, and efficiency converge.

Swan Air Compressor Malaysia


Among all the air compressors, reciprocating (piston) type is the oldest and most economincal and inexpensive air compressors.  The majority of the piston type ranges from 2hp – 20hp with the options of 8 bar and 12 bar so it is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and general industry applications.  Compared to screw air compressors, its parts and maintenance are less expensive due to the aged and simplicity of the technology.  The SN and HN series include an enforced lubrication system that is designed to meet the high demands of 24/7 operations. 

S Series

Power: 2~20hp

Pressure: 8 bar

F.A.D: 0.22~2m³/min

H Series

Power: 3~15hp

Pressure: 12 bar

F.A.D: 0.27~0.9m³/min

SN Series

Power: 5~15hp

Pressure: 8 bar

F.A.D: 0.45~1.2m³/min

HN Series

Power: 5~15hp

Pressure: 12 bar

F.A.D: 0.34~0.9m³/min

Car Factory


When compared to reciprocating compressors, rotary screw compressors create less pulsation.  They can produce more compressed air while also being extremely energy efficient.  Rotary screw compressors withstand continuous operation better than reciprocating air compressors and are better suited for sporadic applications.  They can withstand the rigours of 24-hour operations when a consistent supply of compressed air is required to keep the operations running without lengthy outages that result in lost output.  We offer primary fixed or variable speed control operations.  Variable-speed control screw compressors save significantly more energy than fixed-speed screw compressors.  With inverter control, the screw compressor automatically adjusts its output to minimise energy waste and achieve maximum operational efficiency. 

TS-AD Series

Power: 30~100hp

Pressure: 8 bar

F.A.D: 3.5~12.6m³/min

Control: Fixed

TMV Series

Power: 15~215hp

Pressure: 8 bar

F.A.D: 1.75~31.8m³/min

Control: Inverter

AHD Series

Power: 20~350hp

Pressure: 8~13 bar

F.A.D: 2.3~40.5m³/min

Control: Fixed

EPM Series

Power: 20~220hp

Pressure: 8~10 bar

F.A.D: 2.3~28.5m³/min

Control: Inverter

Electronic Circuit


Oil-free air compressors are commonly utilised in industrial applications such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage manufacturing, and textiles.  All SWAN oil-free compressors provide 100% oil-free air, making them the better-compressed air solution for applications where clean air is crucial.   Our oil-free air compressors include reciprocating, which is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises.  Another oil-free compressor is the scroll oil-free air compressor, which offers several advantages due to its simple but effective construction.  Because it has fewer components than reciprocating air compressors, it ensures good operating reliability and requires relatively little maintenance.

SD Series

Power: 3~15hp

Pressure: 8 bar

F.A.D: 0.28~2.49m³/min

SKR Series

Power: 3~30hp

Pressure: 10 bar

F.A.D: 0.21~2.4m³/min

Dental Cleaning


These commercial oil-free air compressors are suitable in laboratories, dentistry equipment, and food and beverage manufacturing.  The receiver tanks are anti-bacterial coated, and some models include built-in desiccant dryers, making them the ideal compressed air solution for applications that require clean air.

DR Series

Power: 1.5hp

Pressure: 8 bar

F.A.D: 0.07m³/min

PV Series

Power: 2hp

Pressure: 8 bar

F.A.D: 0.1~0.12m³/min

Cosmetic Bottles


The booster air compressor is mainly designed for PET industry and well-drilling equipment.  The unique design of the booster air compressor allows it to meet the unique requirements of the applications mentioned above.  Booster air compressors are more energy efficient compared to high pressure 3-stage air compressors.

BST Series

Power: 7.5~30hp

Pressure: 30~40 bar

F.A.D: 1.1~2.9m³/min

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