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High Pressure
Booster Compressor

Professional design and development for applications of PET bottle blowing, deep well drilling, special clamp mechanism, high-pressure press testing and leak testing, etc.


Comparison between 
SWAN BST series and 
general compressors

  SWAN BST series             vs     general compressors

Air cooled type, boosting design, oil pump enforced lubrication, removable.


<<                                              >>

Multi-stage compression structure, oil pump enforced lubrication, fixed installing foundation.

Low-pressure inlet air, single-stage compression.


<<                                              >>

The inhaling air is from atmosphere, multi-stage compression.

High efficiency, high displacement, energy saving.

Energy efficiency

<<                                              >>

Low efficiency, low displacement, wasting energy.

Air cooled structure, no installing foundation needed, space-saving.


<<                                              >>

Water-cooled, need to establish an installing foundation, water cooling system, large-space needed.

Low pollution, less noise.

friendly design

<<                                              >>

High pollution, noisy.

Crankshaft with oil storage design, can supply clean lubricant right away.

while starting

<<                                              >>

Can not supply lubricant in time.

Automatically change to auto or continuous mode due to different air requirement consuming quantity. No load while start / stop the unit to avoid parts worn-out, and increase running life-time.

Control mode

<<                                              >>

With individual control and can not change the running condition automatically. Low energy efficiency. Under loading condition while start / stop the unit and not able to establish the lubricating oil protection in time to increase running life-time.

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