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DT-202C Compressor Air Type SilentDT-202C

Oil-less Air Compressor - No lubricant needed, offering clean compressed air.

User-friendly Controller Panel - Easy operation and equipped with hour meter and over-current protection device for safety.

Desiccant Air Dryer System - The adoptions of high quality desiccant air dryer system together with high efficient cooler and filter to generate clean dry air.

DT-202C Compressor Air Type SilentDT-202C

  • Model: DT-202C

    Motor: 1.5kw / 2hp

    Working Pressure: 10kg/cm²

    Speed: 1450rpm

    FAD: 100L/min

    Dimension (LxWxH): 74x62x96cm

    Weight: 150kg

    Tank Capacity: 30L

    Noise Level: 63dB(A)

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