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HVU-H (5hp) Oil Lubrication Reciprocating Air Compressor
  • Highly efficient and durable valve assemblies are provided through the use of special material treatments and high precision grinding processes.
  • Product quality guaranteed through the application of modern technology such as CAD/CAM that is used in all functions from product development, modeling and design, right through to the manufacturing process.
  • High quality and consistent components are manufactured through machining centers which typically are capable of completing a finished surface in a single set-up.
  • All metal surfaces on compressor units are prepared by initially shot blasting, followed by the application of powder coating to ensure bright, durable and  environmentally friendly air tank surface protection.

HVU-H (5hp) Oil Lubrication Reciprocating Air Compressor

  • Model: HVU-205N

    Motor: 3.7kw / 5hp

    Working Pressure: 12kg/cm²

    Compressor Speed: 705rpm

    FAD: 338L/min

    Tank Capacity: 237L

    Compressor Pumps Physical Dimension: 56x40x45cm

    Compressor Unit Physical Dimension: 147x65x115cm

    Compressor Unit Physical Wiehgt: 239kg

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