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SVU-N (5hp) Oil Lubrication Reciprocating Air Compressor

Special Features of Swan's N TYPE Compressors

Full combination of professional and unique technical design to lubricate all running parts inside the pump with enforced clean oil.

  • Special oil carried inside the crankshaft to ensure sufficient and clean lubrication.
  • Built-in enforced lubricating system to guarantee full lubrication without failure.
  • Long-last oil filter and oil capillary pipes to ensure the supply of clean oil.

SVU-N (5hp) Oil Lubrication Reciprocating Air Compressor

  • Model: SVU-205N

    Motor: 3.7kw / 5hp

    Working Pressure: 8kg/cm²

    Compressor Speed: 516rpm

    FAD: 450L/min

    Tank Capacity: 155L

    Compressor Unit Physical Dimension: 140x52x98cm

    Compressor Unit Physical Wiehgt: 182kg

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