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Swan Ventilation Fan


Ultimate Cooling Solution

The Swan ventilator is an advanced cooling gadget that will take your comfort to another level. This fan is stylish and has a contemporary appearance that perfectly blends with any room setting, and its performance is exceptional. The Swan Ventilator comes in three settings, allowing you to tailor air flow to your requirements. It has the ability to deliver a gentle breeze or a strong cooling blast, depending on your needs. Its oscillation function means that the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the space, thus no hotspots are experienced and the room is maintained at a constant temperature. The Swan ventilation fan is also eco-friendly and nearly silent. Goodbye to warmness and welcome the coolness of your life with the Swan ventilation fan today!

Product Specification

Model: SHT 30A - SHT 70

Size: 300mm - 700mm

Power: 520w - 3000w

Speed: 1400 - 2800 RPM

Weight: 11 KG - 60 KG

swan ventilation fan
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