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Industrial Exhaust Fan Malaysia


Ventilation Done Right

Introducing the Swan industrial exhaust fan, the perfect ventilation solution for your industrial needs. This is a robust and reliable ventilation solution engineered for optimal air circulation in large spaces. At the core of the Swan industrial exhaust fan, there is a strong motor that can move huge volumes of air with little noise and energy wastage. Made out of hardy materials, its heavy-duty construction assures extended durability in the most intense industrial circumstances.


Having a sleek modern design, the Swan industrial exhaust fan Malaysia can comfortably fit in any work setting. It is also convenient to install in a newly set up facility or in a retrofit project. It offers exact control functions that enable you to manage the airflow to suit your needs. The Swan industrial exhaust fan Malaysia does it all, be it removing harmful fumes, making the work environment comfortable, and improving the quality of air. Trust its performance and rest assured that it will maintain a safe, clean, and productive workspace for you.

Product Specification

Model: FA 30II - FTA 60II

Size: 300mm - 600mm

Voltage: 220-420

Speed: 960 - 1400 RPM

Power: 130w - 400w

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